Well Well Well my friend n fam guess whos back!!!!

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So 203!!!! I have entered 3 guitar competitions, one in the LA USA, Japan, Korea! So I’ve been playing my fuckin ass off all day n night as normal! I’m very excited, happy, anxious, pain filled n fucking angry! Wit that said the stage is my turf I’m goin in like a caged animal, no mercy old school cutting heads n one hell of a street fight on that stage, if I win I win if I don’t they all are gonna kno who The madman the animal Andy Martin is but the people who kno me well I don’t settle for second! My posse of Angels got me enjoy ur day friends 1 love from da hood 2da hills St Cecilia saint of music prayer for us!
** And lastly one of the panel of judges said.”we don’t know where this guitarist hails from but it has to where monster guitarist are breed with incredible talent”! That’s right baby Bridgeport Ct 203!!!!!

check my facebook for updates and footage love you all and thank you for the endless love n support!

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