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“About The most impressive ‘Guitar Orchestra’ composer I’ve heard since Msr Satriani & Vai. Simply phenomenal. A truly gifted composer, arranger, and possibly an even more amazing performer. He’s in a territory all his own. And it is mighty fine. If anyone thinks hi level rock guitar with real beauty is not possible, let them hear this CD/ Artist!!!.” – Ted Greene (Legendary guitarist and Andy mentor / teacher, R.I.P )


“Hi Andy, I received your CD and listened to it! Your playing sounds well accomplished and you have great control over the instrument! The track with your mom is very cool. I Love the warbly piano. God Bless”. – Steve Vai


“I’ve always known Andy to be a special guitarist. Now everyone else will know it! A true virtuoso. Listen to this disc!!!” – Chris Risola ( original guitarist for Steelheart)


“Andy Martin’s tone and command of the guitar is JAW DROPPING! In a time when a lot of guitarist are striving for mediocrity, Andy Martin is a breath of fresh air.” – NITEBOB (Legendary Live Sound Engineer)


“Andy, your new book and CD are great. Both top notch! Your playing is great and you have a good ear for interesting arrangements! Maybe I’ll catch up with you on the road one day. You can show me a thing or two”. – Joe Satriani ”


“Andy, I was in the car yesterday with my manager and the boys. We all thought your CD is great!!! Man you play your ASS OFF and I Love when you switch from the blues to that harmonic minor classical thing and back. It keeps it all soulful and technical all at the same time. Great CD, great work and especially GREAT PLAYING!!!! Keep in touch with yo bad self!!! Love and Much Light.” – TM ( TM Stevens )


“Andy, your CD has it all, melody, composition and shred. All I can say is that on the eighth day God created Andy Martin!” -Rusty Cooley- ”


“Andy’s music is energetic and has a great feel. It has something for everyone and every mood, which is rare for instrumental music. Great tunes, brilliant playing!” – Dave weiner (Steve Vai’s guitarist)


“Dear Andy, Since I haven’t listened to rock n’ roll for ages I wondered how I’d respond to the sounds of that style of playing and I wanted to be capable of really listening. So………. I waited for a quiet evening, took a break from my work and put on your CD. Andy, what a very pleasant surprise! You have actually created your own genre. There is so much beauty in your music it flows through each note you play. And I feel that your playing comes from the most profound place in your heart. Now I know why Ted wrote all those wonderful things.Thank you for sharing your music and your heart with me. Most Sincerely, Barbara ” (The late Legend Ted Greene’s’ soul mate)