Andy was born in Bridgeport CT on Feb 28th 1969. Andy started playing in his early teens after being exposed to music at an early age by his mother, who often played classical piano for him. He dedicated his teenage years to practicing his instrument for 16 hours a day, while studying theory, ear training, composition, and improvisation with Chris Risola and the late Legend Ted Greene who took Andy’s playing to a whole new level!
Andy began listening to hard rock, when his cousin, Greg gave him his first record, Ted Nugents first solo record. After hearing Strangle Hold it was all over for me!! The power & energy seeped into my soul, man what a day that was!
Andy says, “I would skip school a lot and play guitar over my friends house, in his garage. Then my mother found out and she was really cool about It. She started to write me notes to get me out of school as long as I passed. She knew I loved music at a totally different level then anyone could imagine”.
As a teenager, Andy didn’t have many friends and realized that the few he did have were true friends and totally supportive of his dreams. His passion for the instrument intensified as Andy began supporting himself by teaching others at the age of 16.
Andy states “I couldn’t get enough guitar in my life, and I heard so much in my minds ear, It was the only way for me to escape the heartache and pain of my mother being terminal with cancer since I was 8 years old. I had something to say, but I had no one to say It to, so I said It through my music. It’s crazy, to this day, I hear music when I see the sunset, watch children play, when I see leaves blow down the street, gaze upon the midnight stars or when I stare at the ocean blue. I hear music all the time and I write music with no instrument in front of me.”
One day, Andy came up with his technique by watching his mother (Grace) use both hands on the piano and adapted this style so he could play the melody, chords and bass all at the same time. Andy exhibited his technique to his mother one day, and they started to play duets together. He would literally see the sunrise, trying to perfect his technique. Andy calls this technique “Table-Top Guitar”.
Andy went on the road, touring the world right out of high school, knowing his mother was lying on her death-bed. She encouraged him to continue touring, and not to stop for her or anything. On Nov 18th, Andy’s mother died in his arms when he was home from touring.
Andy states, ” It was about 7:50 pm My mother asked me to play some piano for her that night that’s when I knew she was leaving this world. I know the last thing she wanted to hear was music and my voice. When I was done playing for her, I sat next to her holding her in my arms, I felt her heartbeat diminish and I said “it’s OK mama, you can go now, no more pain mama”, She said, “I’m not leaving you Andy, I’m taking you with me”. I will never forget the feeling of my mother dying in my arms; It was so cold, dark and lonely. I felt her body turn cold and her heart stop and the vision of the coroner taking her away scared my mind! I stood there in front of my house watching and felt so alone, shortly after I lost my house and I was homeless, sleeping in my friends garage, the beach or school yard! I had no one to turn to or share my passion with, but I realized that when my mother died in my arms , she put me in touch with heaven”.
Andy has made a horde of friends in his life from touring. Andy states, “I love making friends with real people, people who are true, honest, loving and caring. I’m a pillar of my community, my hood, Im proud where I came from and always keep my feet on the ground, remembering where I came from 203! Andy describes himself as a damn good man, honest, true, loving and caring. A man who will help anyone, because it’s [his] nature. Andy also states, “My mama brought me up a good man with the proper morals and respect; the road dragged me up!” Andy is a friend everyone would want to have.
Andy’s compositions come from within. They tell a story, sonically (programic concertos). He considers harmonic contents a part of his soul and a building block for what he calls “Melodic Soul high energy over the top Music, with emphasis on instrumental Rock, featuring Two-Handed Tapping Technique”.
Andy has a wellspring of ability on the fingerboard, his melodic phrasing is a touch of heaven— while his technique is the work of a demon. His compositions exhibit depth, taste and original expression with a wealth of harmonic content. In his compositions, one can hear influences from such greats as Ted Nugent, Ted Greene, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Vivaldi, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Brahms, and Larry Carlton.
What makes Andy different & separates him from other guitarists is not only his technique and songwriting, but he works well with others. He lashes out the life he has lived through his guitar playing. Every note has his soul in it! His happiness, anger and sorrow is felt in every note he plays, and is seen in his performance. The stage is his turf!
After spending the last two decades touring world wide, Andy currently resides somewhere in the USA, LOL, where he continues to compose, record, teach and perform. Andy has lived in Los Angeles, Nashville, Connecticut!
Andy has written the first ever 7 String instructional aide titled “Seven String Guitar.” 7 String Guitar is quoted by a good friend Steve Vai, and is currently breaking all instructional aide sales records according to the publisher (Hal Leonard Corporation).
Andy’s latest publication is called “The Guitar Arpeggio Encyclopedia”. It is published by Mel Bay publications and is quoted by Andy’s mentor, guitar legend Ted Greene. It Immediately soared to Mel Bay’s “Hot List” and “Best Sellers List”.
Andy started his own publishing company in 2000 called “From Up Above Music” / ASCAP, in which his music has been licensed to Universal Music Group and is featured on several compilations. Andy also has been performing clinics internationally for some of his endorsers.
Andy has been called an over-achiever, due to his passion and drive as a musician as well as a stun guitarist! Andy’s accomplishments range from gold & platinum records, A two time best selling author, Andy has been put on Ibanez / Hoshino Gakki’s payroll as their “Product Demonstrator / Product Evaluator”! as well as working on IbanezS R&D team. Some of the most recognizable products he contributed to are the TS808 Tube Screamer reissue and the WD7 Weeping Demon Wah Pedal.
Andy was LA’s number one hired gun, playing with artists such as…… ..Steelheart, Kid Rock, Tuff, Dr. Dre, R. Kelly, White Lion, Tim Mcgraw, Great White, Gretchen Wilson, Billy Sheehan, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Darin James, Rome Logan, Eddie Money, Tommy Garvin, Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, Rusty Cooley, Blues Legend Stacy Mitchhart, Eric Martin, Ted Nugent, Keith Urban, Big & Rich, Nikki Sixx, Chris Olivas, Tommy Lee, Stephen Stills, Lynda Rodstant, Joni Mitchell, Lita ford, Joan Jett, Doug Aldrich, Ted Greene, Steve Stevens, Seal, Johnny G, Stephen Stills, Jordan Zevon, George Lynch, Frank Gambale, Jake E Lee, Ray Gillen, Scott Henederson, Buzz Feifton, George Clinton, Snoop Dog, Billy “The Budda” Dickens, TM Stevens, bang tango, love hate, tesla, firehouse, ratt, testement, skidrow, whitesnake,lynch mod, LA guns, Rev Jones, Alex Skolnick, mark McGrath, Zakk Wydle and the list goes on!!
Andy has a lifetime endorsement contract with Ibanez. Andy’s solo career was more than he ever thought would happen. With the release of his CD Brother From Another Mother he gained world recognition of his gift and passion!
Andy has been teaching guitar all over this country for over 27 years!. He taught master classes at GIT, Musicians Institute in Los Angeles with his mentor Ted Greene. He also taught at LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy) with Frank Gambale. Andy has taught several multi platinum recording artists and celebrities such as Seal, Steve Stevens, Mark Kendall, George Lynch, Johnny G (who invented spinning) bobby banks (tae bow), armie Hammer( actor and heir of arm & hammer), Jorge Zammaconna movie writer and executive producer, Even Joe Satriani wanted some tips for 7 string guitar.
Andy has a deep passion for the piano, on which he has been playing and perfecting his skills feverishly and coming up with a new technique playing guitar and piano simultaneously.

Andy’s past times include: Spending as much time as I can with my love, hanging out with his real friend, making new cool friends, keeping in touch with his faith and spirituality, riding his chopper, wrenching on bikes, boxing, going to the shooting range, hanging out at the beach, thinking about life, reflecting, getting tattooed, laughing (and getting a little crazy. Andy describes himself as a simple man, “All I need is my guitar, a cig,

 a cheeseburger, my leather and I’m Golden!”.
Andy currently just finished touring the world this summer, three times. Andy is working on 2 new books, writing and composing new music constantly, teaching students on skype around the world and performing.
Andy is very particular about his equipment and proudly endorses Ibanez Guitars 4 life!, SIT Strings, Dimarzio and Levy’s Leathers, Blackstar  Amps, Tech 21