Star FM Indonesia

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Heyyyy everyone, I’m proud to announce that a song I wrote with my singer Scott Childress, called “Brother from another mother” is airing on Star FM on the Hard & Heavy program in Indonesia! Check out their online radio station!
And thank you to everyone making this happen and there’s plenty more music to come to make you head spin! God bless always!

R.I.P my brutha my boy Tim Rawbiz Williams (suicidal Tendancies)

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imageI lost a Brutha, my boy last night! R.I.P Tim Rawbiz Williams can’t believe it bro! I love u n miss u like mad! Prayers n open arms 2 ur fam, fans n friends! We rocked the world 2gether n now ROCK HEAVEN bro! endless tears bro missin u, we just talked last week and all was good, ill treasure our laughs, smiles, crazy times our jam sessions and mostly our friendship! its so difficult to know we cant talk on the phone anymore, ill see you in heaven, cant stop cryin, you were wayyy too young! thank u for the endless love n support thru facebook my friends, I greatly appreciate it and your prayers for myself, Redona (rawbizs mom) and his family, friends and fans! ┬áST 4 life xox

Tribute video for my Bro Tim Rawbiz made by my bro Hawk!

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First off thank you for the endless love on FB for my loss, Tim’s family, friends and fans! im overwhelmed by all the new friends and love! I lost a very close friend and I gained a easy 400 more! My brother from another mother Hawk Steven Moore made this tribute for all of us! much love bro and thank you! enjoy this video and Ill be flying out to the visiting n funeral arrangements to pay my last respects!

all love my friends open arms

A xox

Well Well Well my friend n fam guess whos back!!!!

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So 203!!!! I have entered 3 guitar competitions, one in the LA USA, Japan, Korea! So I’ve been playing my fuckin ass off all day n night as normal! I’m very excited, happy, anxious, pain filled n fucking angry! Wit that said the stage is my turf I’m goin in like a caged animal, no mercy old school cutting heads n one hell of a street fight on that stage, if I win I win if I don’t they all are gonna kno who The madman the animal Andy Martin is but the people who kno me well I don’t settle for second! My posse of Angels got me enjoy ur day friends 1 love from da hood 2da hills St Cecilia saint of music prayer for us!
** And lastly one of the panel of judges said.”we don’t know where this guitarist hails from but it has to where monster guitarist are breed with incredible talent”! That’s right baby Bridgeport Ct 203!!!!!

check my facebook for updates and footage love you all and thank you for the endless love n support!